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Subjects for Live Sessions:
1) Financial Accounting T.Y. B.Com Sem -VI

Last Date of Registration:
26th MARCH 2023
Date of Live Sessions:
Last week of March 2023 (Tentative)

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2) Cost Accounting T.Y. B.Com Sem -VI
3) Indirect Tax T.Y B.Com. Sem -VI
4) Export Marketing T.Y B.Com Sem -VI
5) Business Economics T.Y B.Com Sem -VI
6) Commerce T.Y B.Com Sem -VI

Available Courses :

F.Y. B.Com (Semester II)

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Accountancy And Financial Managemen...

This course helps the students in preparing accounts from incomplete records. Also it covers the consignment account, branch account and how to use Accounting software for preparing accounts...

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Mathematical & Statistical Techniqu...

This course helps students to improve their calculus and research abilities. This course is bifurcated into two segments, that is, Mathematics and Statistics. Mathematics segment contain Fun...

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Business Economics-II (FYB.Com Sem-...

In the world in which almost all countries, Including India, are increasingly adopting the market oriented economic System; the study of Business Economics is essential to students of commer...

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Commerce-II (FYB.Com Sem-II)

The Course covered is concept of Services, Retailing, Recent Trends in Service Sector and E-Commerce.

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Foundation Course-II (FYB.Com Sem-II)

The main aim of this course is to make the students socially aware of the societal problems and their personality. This is divided into six units. The topics covered are Globalisation and In...

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Environmental Studies-II (FYB.Com S...

The Course Emphasis to creating an awareness of environmental issues by highlighting functional links between environment, economy and society. There has been an honest attempt in the course...

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Business Communication F.Y. B.Com S...

The course is given as per the choice based Credit, Grading and Semester system. We tried our best to capture the spirit of the statement of Purpose by working against time to lend meaning a...

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