Frequently Asked Questions

The GOLD platform is currently open and accessible to B.Com degree students of Saraf College of Commerce. Very soon, the academy plans to make the courses available and accessible to users from different colleges.
Currently, the students from a particular academic year of B.Com of Saraf College of Commerce are enrolled for the respective subjects of the same academic year. As we expand our spectrum of courses, we would widen our users and recommend certain pre-requisite background for enrolling courses. The pre-requisites might be different for different courses.
You need a computer with either inbuilt or external speakers, a web browser and internet connection. We recommend using the current versions of Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer's version 9 or any later version.
There is no start date and end date as such for any course. The course for which you would be enrolled depending on your academic year would be easily accessible for you through your dashboard. We recommend a particular sequence in which you should study the modules or chapters of the course. But be assured that you can access any chapter at any time as per your self-learning methodology and convenience.
On the website, click on Courses button at the top. The Course Catalog would appear. Click on the Course title of the Course whose syllabus and other details you wish to know.
Once you have a GOLD account, go to the academy’s website and click on Sign In button. Then enter your username and password. Once you are logged in, you will see your dashboard. The dashboard would show you your enrolled courses. You can click on Learn button to study the course.
A course would comprise of multiple modules/chapters. The terms modules and chapters are used interchangeably. The count of modules would vary from course to course, depending on the curriculum and the organization of courseware.
For every enrolled course, you can attempt assessments tests. The academy would build assessments for you to test your overall understanding of the entire course. Similarly, the academy would build assessments for a set of chapters so as to enable you to assess your knowledge at chapter level. The assessment tests are formulated using a very comprehensive question bank covering questions of different types and different difficulty levels. So make sure that you get the easy ones right as well.
If you wish to sharpen your understanding on a particular chapter which you feel to be very complex, you can test yourself with chapter level assessments. You can repeat the assessments to practice again and again.
Absolutely not. The assessments provided for a course for you to assess your performance and knowledge in the course. You can use this in the way it suits you.
We are providing our learners with multiple options for effective learning methodologies such as courseware, chapter level tests and assessments at the level of courses.
Yes certainly you can access the course content after you have finished studying the course, provided the course is a part of our Course Catalog. At times, we might launch a completely different and new course, especially when lots of changes have taken place for the course.
Currently, for students pursuing B.Com degree at Saraf College of Commerce, we are enrolling them for different courses depending on their academic year.
Basically, you need to be enrolled for an ongoing course for you to access the Courseware.

Courseware FAQs

Currently, the courseware of the various courses is in ebook format. Simply open the book and use the easy-to-use navigations to take yourself to which part of the book you wish to study. Be it a particular page or a particular topic, you can directly go there.
Assessments are various kinds of tests which you can give. These tests are essentially for you to assess yourself in different areas of the courses. If you have studied the entire course, the course level test can provide you the required practice for evaluation. If you find a chapter too difficult and you are not confident of yourself in that chapter, giving the chapter level assessments is a few steps away. On submitting the assessments, you shall be informed of your score. Accordingly, you can know your areas of strength and the areas where you need improvement.
We suggest that before giving any kind of assessment, you read the required courseware and then attempt the assessment. That way, your evaluation results would be realistic and beneficial. We advise you to practice these assessments by being true to yourself and honoring the code of conduct.

Miscellaneous FAQs

Your GOLD account would be uniquely identified by your unique email ID.
Make sure that your account details are not divulged to anyone.
If you have forgotten your account details, then visit the Forgot Password section to retrieve the login details.
Make sure that you have entered the correct pair of username and password on the Sign In page.
If the problem persists, make sure that you have enabled cookies and Javascript in your current version of Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. Try clearing your web browser's cache as well.
Please click on "Forgot Password?" link and submit your registered email ID. A link will be sent to your email ID for setting a new password.

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