Privacy Policy

Please read this page before using any part of this website (the "Site" contains the entire content and all pages which are located within the domain of . The GOLD's website would be hereon referred as "Site" on this page.)

Please go through this page regularly to make sure that you have understood the updated privacy policy.

GOLD academy reserves the right to modify this page on a periodic basis and accordingly mention an updated effective date for the updated privacy policy, from which the modifications to the terms would become effective.

On this page, please interpret the words "We", "our" and "us" as referring to GOLD academy. This page is addressed to our users and Site visitors and anyone who is interested in using this Site.

We are concerned about the privacy, security and confidentiality of the personal information of its users. We will undertake commercially adequate steps and measures to maintain the safety and security of your Personal Information, in accordance with the privacy policy.

The Privacy policy is applicable only to that data and information which would be collected on or through the Site, and is not applicable to that data and information which we may collect or which you may send or submit through other ways, which may include, but not limited to any data or information which is sent or communicated through the email, phone, fax, conventional mail.

By submitting the Personal Information on the Site, you agree that we may collect, use and divulge such Personal Information in compliance with the Privacy policy and Terms of Service, and as authorized as per the law. If you are not agreeable with this, then we request you to not submit any Personal Information on or through the Site. Please be informed that if you do not agree with these terms, or if you decide that you do not wish to submit any required Personal Information on or through the Site, then we may not be able to provide the services and utilities which are available on the Site.

Personal Information

Personal Information on this Site is that information which about yourself on or through this Site through activities including, but not limited to the, filling or editing the Profile form, publicly available activities. This Personal Information would include, but not limited to, name, contact information, date of birth, gender, educational qualifications.

As used in this Privacy Policy, "Personal Information" means any information about yourself which was used while creating GOLD account or any information that you may provide to us when using the Site, when you enter into a transaction through the Site, which may include (but is not limited to) your name, contact information, gender, date of birth, occupation.

We aim to limit and restrict the amount of Personal Information which collect from you on the Site in order to fulfill the professional, business, regulatory requirements and in compliance with the laws.


We collect information including Personal Information from you when you fill or edit the Profile form, or send us any email.

Also, we collect information including the pages which you visited on the Site, when the pages were visited, the order in which you visited the Pages.

We also collect information regarding the courses you enrolled, the patterns of how you undertake learning, your performance in the assessment tools.

We also store information about the IP address, operating system, the web browser which you used for accessing the Site. For collecting this information, web analytics tools are used. Some of this information is collected through cookies which are on your system. You can control the way in which cookies are accepted by your web browsers. Please be informed that if you reject our cookies, you may not be able to access utilities and services available on the Site.

Use and disclosure to our PARTNERS And THIRD PARTIES

We and our various partners or affiliates which work with us in various different ways in order to offer you a learning portal may use the information collected from you in regards to the following purposes.

  1. To improve our offerings to our users, to improve the overall functioning of the Site and our networks, tools, portal, systems
  2. To evaluate our Site and our offerings
  3. To respond to any of your queries or clarifications
  4. To provide you with the specific service or utility which you wishes to use or access
  5. To track the pattern of access, progress of learning, completion of courses for individual users and for tracking of these aspects at aggregated level
  6. To identify and analyze data on the pattern of learning and performance of students
  7. To identify violations of the terms of service, Honor code and identify abuses, wrongdoings and misuses on or through the Site
  8. To publish information, not comprising of Personal Information, which has been collected about the student's performance, student's pattern of learning, statistics of access of the site
  9. To communicate with you on updates and notifications including, but not limited to, courses launched, course updates, student performance, student enrollments, about the offerings, services or utilities of GOLD and its affiliates or partners, which may be of use or benefit to you
  10. To communicate with you on messages and notifications regarding Site maintenance or updates
  11. To store and archive this information for doing communication with you
  12. For any other reasons as mentioned anywhere in this page

We will share your information with the third parties or affiliates or business partners in the following manners.

  1. With the vendors which provide certain services for us or the Site, where the service would include, but not limited to, the processing of information (including Personal Information).
  2. With other Site visitors and Site users, to whom your performance, including but not limited, your standing or ranking in any course or category of courses in situations when you are an outstanding performer or learner through your performance in subset or entire assessment component in an individual or a set of courses
  3. With other Site visitors and Site users, about your any kinds of activities in a domain which is specific to all the users enrolled for a specific course or any other kind of specific learning group
  4. For any kind of academic research. However, for this purpose, we will only share your such Personal Information such that it is in accordance with the relevant rules, regulations and laws and is limited to the Personal Information required for those purposes which are in compliance with what was mentioned while such information was collected from you.
  5. Also, we can share or disclose any information or statistics or data at aggregated level, which does not identify you in the public domain or with any other third-party entity, with respect to your Personal Information.
  6. For any kind of communication in regards to legal matters including but not limited to court orders, court cases, subpoenas, testimony, etc.
  7. To check for any violation or misuses of any activities pertaining to the terms of service, Honor code or Privacy policy.
  8. To probe or investigate or scrutinize of take action pertaining to illegal activities, misuse, abuse, potential fraud or potential violation, or any kind of security issues or any kind of operational issues or technical issues pertaining to breach, mal-functioning.
  9. Any other purpose which is as prescribed or regulated by rules, regulations, laws

Use for Publications

We may prepare or release various publications based on the academic research or publicize information, data, material or statistics of any form which is pertaining to the Site, including, but not limited to, patterns of learnings, performance of users, details regarding study content and the portal. But any of these publications or public disclosures would not include any kind of Personal Information, unless the same has been permitted as per this Privacy policy.

Reference to other links and other websites

The Site might give reference to the links and urls of other websites. The Site or the GOLD academy do not have any control on the functioning and operations of these other websites. You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for any information which you enter or provide or submit on the links and urls of such websites, whose references have been provided on the Site, unless the same has been permitted as per this Privacy policy. We advise that you go through the terms and privacy policies of that website, when you visit any such website referenced through the Site.


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