IBPS exams are right around the corner so it’s time to intensify problem solving practice……
The Goyal Academy has launched its new offering of practice test series just for you!

For banking exam aspirants all over the country, we provide a variety of tests which shall help sharpen skill of performing well in exams.

With the IBPS exam in October just a few months awayand repeated practice at problem solving is going to help you tremendously to improve your confidence and define your strengths and weaknesses.

Through this practice test series you will be able to test yourself on a variety of questions, from different topics and chapters in the 5 sections which are a part of the IBPS and other similar banking entrance exams.

Our test series provides you with an environment where you can practise on the same chapter innumerable times. Practising regularly on the same chapters will aid you in finding where you are going wrong, and where you need improvement. The questions designed cover questions from easy to difficult range and are formulated for different applications and situations in each chapter. So, simply enrol for the following coursesthrough our learning portal and you are ready to practise!

  1. Quantitative Aptitude Section (Banking Entrance IBPS, SBI & Others)
  2. English Language Section (Banking Entrance IBPS, SBI & Others)
  3. Computer Knowledge Section (Banking Entrance IBPS, SBI & Others)
  4. General Awareness Section (Banking Entrance IBPS, SBI & Others)
  5. Reasoning Section (Banking Entrance IBPS, SBI & Others)
  6. Banking Entrance IBPS, SBI & Others

All that you need to do is sign up, enrol, login, and you are all set to practise!! No payment, no hassles, just a few clicks away from assessing yourself.

Tips While Practising:

  1. Do not hesitate to attempt the tests again and again, many times.
  2. Do not worry about your scores. No one else but you can see them!
  3. These practice tests are meant for you to make mistakes, and try and try again till you are satisfied with your performance.
  4. The academy strongly recommends that you first check your knowledge on different chapters in each section.
To give an example, in the Profit & Loss chapter you shall be taken through a series of questions on different scenarios like, finding the overall profit or loss when a shop keeper buys products of different categories and then sells them. While solving by understanding different terms such as mark-up, CP, SP, discount etc., you would be exposed to a large variety of problems which need to be solved in a short span of time.

Once you are confident of yourself and feel that you are prepared to test yourself on all chapters through one common test then you can even give a comprehensive exam for the individual section. Apart from tests at chapter level, in our learning portal, you can give tests at section level for each of the 5 sections.

Importance of Practice

Scores of IBPS exam are considered by various public sector banks all over India. Hence, it provides you with various career opportunities. Since the past few years, there is an encouraging level of recruitment seen in these banks. And therefore, the nature of this exam has become very competitive. For you to sail through this exam, we advise you to do huge amounts of practice and develop a thoroughly sound aptitude for giving this exam. This practice shall help you not only for IBPS exam, but even for other similar banking entrance exams such as SBI's own banking entrance exam.

The IBPS exam has 5 sections, which have to be solved in 2 hours’ time. This leaves you with very little time per each question. Practising in a real exam like environment is very essential for you to crack this exam. When you are practising and solving, you can do this in a timed manner. Only when you do this, you would know where you are quick and where you are taking time. Through such exercises, you can check your performance and then see for yourself where you need more problem solving and in which areas you have obtained a good hold.

So we wish you all the best for your preparation and the exams!!

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